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Privacy Impact Assessment


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The Acuity SaaS PIA tool

As a Chief Risk Officer (CRO), with your reporting Data Protection Officer (DPO), you require oversight and live risk/impact assessment across all 4 ingress points of personal data (Client Inception | Client Delivery | Employee Status | Company Management Information), with online workflow automation, delivering instant DSAR’s and Records of Processing Reports (RoP’s) for each function, location, country and region.

Poor core security, disgruntled employees, hackers, State level espionage and/or sabotage, all contribute to the need to demonstrate strong ethical and operational control over the sensitivity and value of personal data, such that negligence cannot be associated to the business, provided good practices and implementation of security controls are managed.

The rewards and benefits of maintaining control over personal data cannot be achieved without conducting a thorough and ethical assessment of all aspects of the operational environment. The Acuity SaaS PIA product guides you through the 4 ingress points, reporting at source unique and flexible risk profiles, with the ability to define them at the functional level by ALL locations across country and region, and/or to define it location by location, enabling a country view, a regional view and consequently a global enterprise view.

The Acuity SaaS PIA module allows you to baseline historic annual risk profiles, dramatically reducing the time and effort required to maintain levels of compliance by importing the historic data to re-evaluate amendments, additions and subtractions, reducing the administrative costs and burden of the regulatory requirement, returning time to the productivity of the business.

The Acuity SaaS PIA module links directly into our SaaS ERM Module, providing the board with live insight into the privacy threat to the legal and regulatory pillar of risk.

The Acuity SaaS PIA module also dynamically links with the DPIA module to extrapolate the critical data through dynamic risk profiles and pre-populates and positions the start of a robust dPIA program.

The Acuity SaaS PIA and our dPIA module brings assurance that the administrative obligation of the GDPR regulation removes the potential risk of accusation of negligence and therefore the potential liability of the first 50% (2% of annual turnover!) of any subsequent fine imposed. The module also exposes weaknesses within the operational handling of privacy data, targeting appropriate and demonstrable levels of investment in technology, people and process.

Remove the fear of the unknown relationship that the business has with personal data held, quantity, storage location, usage and manipulation, no consent for purpose in place etc., that arises from a multitude of worries such as legacy systems, under investment, relaxed processes and supply chain weaknesses and movement across countries (EU/EEA | 3rd Country | Not Recognised). All possible points of exposure to a breach of compliance with regards to the personal data held.

The Acuity SaaS PIA module brings control and assurance to the CRO/DPO to the level of impact and quantifiable risk across the enterprise business landscape, giving valued input, both up and downstream, where the appropriate and proportionate investment of time and money need to be placed.

The Acuity SaaS PIA module brings the CRO/DPO roles strong operational value, enabling them to bring solutions and reasons for beneficial operational change.

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