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Business Continuity


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Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity is the process by which a company makes sure it can still function in the event of total or partial loss of its internal or external support systems, people or facilities.

Business Continuity planning is about much more than just incident management and disaster recovery. It’s about considering the implications of an incident for the whole supply chain – internally and externally – and ensuring that a culture of Business Continuity is embedded.

Benefits of aligning with or achieving ISO 22301 include:

  • Protecting the long term health of your customers
  • Developing a ‘Blue Print’ to get the business back on its feet
  • Understanding your own dependencies and across those of your suppliers
  • Capturing and retaining the knowledge of how your business operates
  • Reassures stakeholders of the quality of your corporate governance

Emergency Planning

Emergency Planning is about preparedness and our consultants have worked on a range of emergency planning related issues helping prepare clients as diverse as Government Departments, legal sector, airports, ports and the international food sector.

We help our clients develop capabilities across the full spectrum of Emergency Planning, including:

  • Control Centre Operations and Information Management
  • Multi-agency Response
  • Exercise and Testing
  • Crowd and Public Safety
  • Plan Development

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