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“...we will always be open and honest with every client, offering and ensuring complete transparency both ways whilst guiding them to their ultimate goal, quantifiably measurable and reportably complete compliance..."​
Charles Critchley
CEO Acuity Group

Acuity Group are a specialist consultancy, focused on providing clients with a practical step by step Methodology which is aligned with the relevant British or International standard.

Investing into the Acuity Methodology empowers the Business Management Team to develop and implement the most robust and compliant management system, in under two months, with the confidence that the process is fully aligned with the British or ISO standard.

  • ISO 27701:2019
    Privacy Management System
  • ISO 27001:2013
    Information Security Management System
  • ISO 22301:2012
    Business Continuity Management System
  • ISO 9001:2015
    Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001:2015
    Environmental Management System
  • ISO 45001:2018
    Occupational Health & Safety Management System
  • CSR
    Corporate Social Responsibility

The Benefits Of Partnering With Acuity



We know, more and more, as a company COO/CFO you are increasingly uncomfortable that under your leadership the business that you represent is unable to demonstrate good governance, leaving you and your business exposed.

The ever increasing amount of red tape needed to run your business is a frustration we understand all too well. Additional costs for little direct bottom line profit, affecting both bonuses and shareholders dividends.

Your problemprioritising business requirements to address the nagging need to better frame and demonstrate compliance, for the minimum costs in both time and money

Our solutiona software ‘solution’ that can be defined ‘End to End’ with known costs and a proven history.

The Acuity Methodology
Acuity Group delivers the experience and foresight to solve complex business environments, across multiple cultures and challenges, using a proven methodology that delivers high integrity results.


CISO / Risk Officer

Your daily firefight addressing a limited number of issues just adds to the anxiety delivered by lack of true visibility to the business risks at the operational level.

You yearn to be able to do the job your way, the best way, to establish a consistent approach in order to compare and contrast the diversity of the business.

You seek empowerment to give ‘real’ risk profile insights, with rich data analysis to guide and inform ‘The Board’.

Your problemChanging culture within the business to address risks in a uniform manner, quickly, with minimal disruption and distraction for your Ops Managers.

Our solutiona software ‘solution’ that can workflow responsibility down through the business, so that your accountability is efficiently distributed to others. Produce meaningful reports to be presented to business.

The Acuity Methodology
Acuity has the solution to systemise risk on a page, with the flexibility for the language of risk to be presented to the culture of the business.


Ops Manager

Your workload has precious little scope for additional pressures. The last thing you need right now is to take on more work for little noticeable gain. You already have little time for the ‘nice’ things in corporate life, with the already limited resources available, time and money.

Your problemTime! Completing compliance tasks is repetitive. Your team seem disconnected to the needs when explaining to them. Too many meetings with little output of change. Meetings for meetings sake.

Our solutiona software ‘solution’ that can direct meaningful questions, associated to the operational environment, that can be work flowed and reported.

The Acuity Methodology
Acuity has the solution to tailor questions, direct responders and automatically report risk, with minimal manual intervention.

“...We understand the shifts in the corporate/business arena, that doing business continues to get more difficult with clients always expecting more for less. Regulatory demands getting greater, demanding more and more change in ever decreasing time frames..."
Stephen Hall
COO Acuity Group
“...We avoid using unfamiliar language, instead using the language of the business to soften the internal fears, thus accelerating overall engagement and leading to quicker and sustainable success..."
Naushad Saboor
CIO Acuity Group

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